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Star of A&E's Flipping Boston

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As both a residential and commercial real estate investor, Dave Seymour has become one of the most recognizable experts in his field.

How Can I Help You?

Today, I help family offices, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals add cash flowing multifamily real estate to their portfolios. But no matter where you are in your journey, my team can help point you in the right direction.


After a career as a firefighter and paramedic in Lynn, MA I made the decision to take control of my financial future and began investing in real estate. I was blessed with the opportunity to star on A&E's 'Flipping Boston', which in turn put me on the radar of multiple news organizations including CBS, ABC, CNBC, FOX News, and CNN. 

I've shared stages with the likes of Tony Robbins, Daymond John, and taught thousands of investors across the world. I pride myself on being accessible to my investor community, so give me a shout and let's see how we can help each other.

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Enjoy these free tools that Dave has used in his business to manage projects at all levels.

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Each week we look at a new deal to invest in. You can join our webinar to see my team discuss these deals live.


160 Units

The project will be acquired for $8,450,000 and an additional $400,000 will be invested into the completion of the renovations. 


90 Units

The property will be acquired $11,840,000. An additional $500,000 will be invested into property improvements.


26 Units

Acquisition price will be $2,640,000. An adjustment to market rent will yield an increase in annual rental income $43,200.00

My Podcast & Interviews

Real Estate Revealed is the show where I break down barriers in the world of commercial real estate. I'm also growing my YouTube channel with amazing guests each week to discuss the different aspects of finance and real estate.

Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on Shark Tank

The Freedom Venture executive team sit poolside at an apartment complex in Bradenton, FL to talk about investment strategies & current outlook. 

Matt DesRochers

Matt was a crucial part of Dave's team during the aftermath of the 2008 housing crisis. Matt was helping homeowners navigate the foreclosure process and Dave's team took on the projects.

Greg Herlean, Self Directed IRA Expert

Greg Herlean breaks down what exactly is a self directed IRA and how it can be used to invest in a variety of alternative assets including real estate. 

John Dessauer

John Dessauer joins Dave Seymour to discuss managing large commercial assets and how he went from investing in individual deals to managing a massive investment firm.

Jack Canfield, Financial Freedom & Success

Jack Canfield does what he does best and casually discusses with Dave the mindset necessary to achieve the freedom you desire for your life.  

Steve Belesis

Steve Belesis was instrumental in acquiring and selling properties on Flipping Boston with Dave Seymour. Dave & Steve talk hot markets and if they're here to last or crash...

What Other Investors Say

Jane Martin

"As a seasoned investor myself with over 30 years of experience I have always looked for leverage opportunities. I found a fantastic match with Dave Seymour. I have never been disappointed with either my returns or the guidance given. I have invested actively in the past and experienced the time commitment and issues it brings. The ability to invest passively with confidence has been a game-changer for me. I know that the long term wealth goals I set out for myself will be realized with Dave."

Elizabeth McCaffrey​

"After realizing a pretty large gain from the sale of an investment property I wanted to put the money to work as soon as possible. I invested with the fund principals at Freedom Venture Investments and have had fantastic success in getting returns on my capital on time every time with out any challenges. Having access to the principals gave me confidence to invest more than once and now it is a repeatable income stream for me and the best part is I don’t have to do any work. Thank-you Freedom Venture Investments."

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